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Smart eCommerce Solutions

Do you want to Triple your online turnover in 12 months? 

Imagine owning a website that really does the business of selling online...a powerful shop window that is designed to maximise online revenue by giving your customers a rewarding shopping experience and encourages them to buy more, time and again...  well, this can be a reality....what you need is... 

  • a site designed to maximise conversion rates and average basket size
  • powerful and dynamic site merchandising
  • insightful web analytics that help you understand your customers’ behaviour
  • a solution with powerful features which are easy to use and easy to control.

Samtechs experience in delivering eCommerce solutions on time and on budget helped us decide they were the right partner for us. Not only does the ecommerce platform enhance the experience for our potential customers and improve site manageability, but the technology allows us to expand functionality helping to ensure good return on investment. In less than two years we’ve seen our online turnover triple..

Why Samtechs

At Samtechs we have built our reputation on providing a full range of eCommerce consultancy and eCommerce solutions to companies in retailmanufacturing and finance.

  • We design and build market-leading B2C eCommerce and B2B eCommerce solutions on major eCommerce platforms.
  • We help clients maximise their online revenue through our proactive growth service using a combination of analytics, digital marketing mix and merchandising sales techniques.  
  • We help companies have a joined up approach to retailing with our expertise in multi-channel retailing.
  • We help companies align web-based technology with business requirements through our technology consultancy.  
  • We ensure customer loyalty and brand integrity are maintained through our performance optimisation service.
  • We have helped manufacturers go direct to consumers whilst protecting their relationship with existing customers.